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What I Learned at a PT Owners Seminar

Posted by Daniel Ramsey on October 7, 2021
Daniel Ramsey

Since joining Account Matters, Inc. nearly 6 years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of attending many Physical Therapy conferences. I always enjoy meeting existing clients face-to-face and meeting new people in the industry at big conferences like APTA Private Practice Section or APTA NEXT.

At the end of September, Stacey and I attended a Lighthouse Leader seminar hosted by Jamey Schrier, founder of Practice Freedom U. Since this event was more intimate than the traditional exhibit hall, I was able to learn more about practice owners’ frustrations and ambitions. Here are some of the things I learned during the seminar:

1. Practice Owners are Overworked

The Lighthouse Leaders were all familiar with 60+ hour work weeks before joining Practice Freedom U. Treating patients all day and managing the administrative functions at night quickly led to burnout. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, you could benefit from delegating tasks to your staff or outsourcing to experts. Either option will give you more free time to do the things you enjoy, like spending time with family.

2. Practice Owners Struggle to Find the Right People

Practice owners are struggling to find long-term employees, clinical or administrative. Employees today are looking for a positive work/life balance, and a company that is committed to their success and development. One of the biggest discussions during the seminar was that practice owners need to emphasize their company culture over salary and benefits. If you’re struggling with turnover at the front desk or finding the right people, check out this guide.

3. Physical Therapy Practice Owners Just Want to Help

A big focus of the seminar was establishing company values and how to convey that to the staff, so they support and practice those values. The value I heard most frequently was compassion. Instead of focusing on overhead and profits, most owners just want to help patients feel better and provide their staff with an enjoyable place to work. The passion these owners have for helping people made me grateful to be part of this industry.

I am also grateful to work for a company that is dedicated to helping the people who help people. If you are struggling to manage all the functions of your business, give us a call at 508-422-0233 to learn how Account Matters can save you time and money.  

For more information about Practice Freedom U and how Jamey is helping practice owners work less, earn more, and live the lifestyle they deserve, check out their website.

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