4 Ways to Streamline Your Rehab Credentialing

Posted by Daniel Ramsey on October 1, 2019
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business documents on office table with smart phone and digital tablet and graph financial diagram and man working in the backgroundMany healthcare providers are unfamiliar with the credentialing process because they worked in a setting in which it wasn’t required, or their employer handled their enrollment. So, it only makes sense that providers can be intimidated by the amount of work that goes into credentialing when they attempt it for their own practice. We have outlined four ways to streamline credentialing so you can start treating patients as soon as possible.  

1. Start the Process Early 

The entire credentialing process can take 90+ days, so we recommend that our clients start their enrollment as soon as possible. For example, if you are opening your new rehab practice in March 2020, we suggest submitting applications as early as December 2019. Having these enrollments finalized before you open your doors is the best way to avoid new patients having to use their out-of-network benefits for treatment.

2. Collect All Required Documents Ahead of Time 

Each insurance company requires different documents for provider enrollment.  It is best practice to gather these documents prior to filling out enrollment applications. For a full list of the required company and provider documents, check out our checklist. 

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3. Submit ALL Supporting Documents  

Most insurance companies require supporting documents which are listed at the beginning or end of the enrollment application. If the application doesn’t list the supporting documents, call Provider Relations and be sure to document what the representative tells you. Be sure to include those documents in your initial submission as this will prevent delays. 

4. Follow Up, Document, Follow Up, Document! 

Although you completed the application and submitted all supporting documents, be sure the correct department has received your information. Follow up again in 2-4 weeks to confirm your application is processing accordingly. Ensure you keep detailed notes of whom you spoke with and any information they give you. Being diligent in your follow-up and documentation will assist in streaming your application. Any errors or missing documentation can significantly delay your credentialing.   

There is no way to expedite your application. Credentialing takes time but following these steps can prevent unnecessary delays. Follow-up is lengthy but key! If you or your staff don’t have the time to complete the lengthy applications or complete the numerous follow up calls, outsourcing to experts is a great option. 


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