7 Things to Consider When Buying a New Billing System

Posted by Diane McCutcheon on July 18, 2018
Diane McCutcheon
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As owners of a physical therapy private practice consulting company and a full service billing company, we see and use many systems every day.  (Check our website for our unique way of providing quality billing services). 

There are great benefits to buying a new billing system, especially if it is an “all in one”, billing, scheduling and documentation system.  Those that are not can be more difficult to guarantee an accurate flow of information back and forth.  Investing in a new system for your practice can make a huge difference in staff productivity, improved documentation and charging for services. 

Beware not all systems will work in your favor.  Sales people will tell you things like: your profits will soar, you will always be in compliance and the system will do everything for you and the demo will be equally enticing – “it’s like magic”. 

And there’s more - if you purchase this system you will begin to make more money almost immediately and the system is so easy to use.  It’s great for a start-up, a small or large company, good for 1 or 100 sites and the list goes on. But before you choose, answer some questions.Why are you getting a new system?  Who will help you choose a new system?  Did you really drill down on the problems with the old system so you would not face the same issues again?

The truth is, there is not one system out there that will do “everything” the way you want but there are some that are much better than others.  The best systems will hold their promises if there are skilled people maximizing all functions.  Everyone will need extensive training.  You have to put great info in, to get great info out. 

Beware of the older or free systems out there that cannot bring your business to a new level.  Those systems tend to keep you down and buried in the manual systems of entering charges, payments and have reports that are difficult to read and useless as a tool for managing the practice.  Usually, you pay nothing and get as much to show for it.

Many sales people know how to use the system they are selling but they have little experience with using it in a real life situation such as your practice or in various states that have some specific requirements. 

Here are some specific things to consider when investing in a new billing system.

  1. Find a valuable resource that understands your type of billing (physical therapy, occupational therapy etc.) and has had experience on various systems including the one you are looking at and can help you with questions or concerns about your choices – like our experts at Account Matters.
  2. Compare and ask questions about the things you are not getting from your current system and how theirs is different – they need to show you.
  3. Ask about the initial set up – what does it entail, what will you be required to do yourself,  who do you go to for questions.
  4. Do not be tricked into “having” to use the sellers company as your biller.  You have choices – you can do your billing in-house or out-source to a billing company of your choice such as Account Matters.
  5. Ask how long the implementation process will be and what you need to do to prepare for implementation including training – what does it entail and are there additional charges for training.
  6. Ask about the termination process – if you terminate their services, what will happen to your patient records, how you will access those records if you need them and what are the costs associated with that.
  7. Ask specifically how they charge and what additional charges you should expect if you make an agreement to use their services.

Investing in a new system can be less stressful when you go into it knowing what you want.  If you are not sure what you want or what to ask, get an expert to help you.  Implementation will either be a nightmare or challenging but also a great experience with a sense of being able to see the forest through the trees.  Those helping you should have experience working in a private practice and know about the inner processes of the front desk, billing and reporting.  That is a key piece of making a successful purchase.

If you are in the process of looking, buying or trying to make decisions on how to implement a new system with processes that will bring you to a new level, increase revenue and be able to hold staff accountable give Account Matters a call – I know we can help you.

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